Emily Kinzer, Editor-In-ChiefIMG_9676.jpg

Emily (’18) is a student of writing, literature, and publishing  with a minor in music appreciation. Her musical taste covers a myriad of genres and artists, ranging from Radiohead to Debussy to Young Thug. Her favorite pieces to write are about interesting characters in the music world who make songs you can dance to.




Lauren Lopez, Staff Writer 

Lauren (‘18)  is a student of writing, literature and publishing. Some of her favorite artists are Troye Sivan, M83, and Fall Out Boy, but that is all discounted when you realize she also likes One Direction.




Portrait_1Austin Weimer, Staff Writer

Austin (‘18) is a student of writing, literature and publishing. He’s all over the place when it comes to musical interests, a quality he embraces. He started listening to rock and worked his way through numerous genres of metal by the time he graduated high school. During that time he played bass guitar in his high school marching band. He recently found an interest in sample-based hip-hop, funk, and soul fusion. This genre change also inspired his love for digital sound and synthesizer design.


Portrait_4.jpgCody Kenner, Staff Writer

Cody (‘17) is a student of film production with a minor in comedy, because he wants to be certifiably funny. His favorite music, like everyone else, is everything but country and rap.




IMG_9675.jpgAidan Connelly, Staff Writer 

Aidan (’17) is a student of journalism. If you ask him what his favorite song is, he’ll probably give you some stuffy response, but don’t be fooled; it’s really “Hey Ya.”




IMG_9680.jpgPhillip Morgan, Staff Writer

Phillip (’18) is a student of writing, literature, and publishing with a minor in comedy. He specializes in indie rock and punk music, but is open to whatever sounds promising (or at least hilariously bad). His greatest fear is that his sister will be too punk for him when she grows up.