Playlist: Opening with a bang!

by Brendan Kane If not for a great opening track, many albums may never be given a fair chance by listeners. This is why the first track is the most important and often the best track on an album. This playlist is a collection of some great opening tracks from various artists and albums. 

Playlist: 90’s throwbacks

by Carissa Dunlap The 90s brought us much more than chokers, bomber jackets, Friends, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Some of the most iconic songs and musicians were brought to the masses during the 90s. And to this day, we can’t help but jam along. This Playlist Friday, I am throwing it back to the most popular…

Playlist: This is how you end an album

By Brendan Kane The last song on an album gives the artist or band one last opportunity to leave an impression on the listener. So, often times at the end of the album we’ll see the most epic or experimental track on the album. Here are few of the best closing tracks in music.  

Playlist: Don’t Tell People To Smile

By Phillip Morgan I’m back in Atlanta for the summer following an overall pretty terrible semester, and while I appreciate the support I’ve gotten from my friends over the past couple of months, I still find maintaining a positive outlook pretty taxing from day to day. As such, I understand the frustration that comes with…

Editor’s Playlist: Where the F*** Are the Arctic Monkeys?

By Isabella Dionne Not to be confused with their 2006 EP, Who the F*** Are the Arctic Monkeys? It’s a valid question. Yes, I all know that brooding and eccentric frontman Alex Turner has been busy making headlines with The Last Shadow Puppets’ newest album, Everything You’ve Come to Expect, but I also know that it’s been…

The More Things Change

By Aidan Connelly Whether a product of aesthetic choices or simple lack of funds, garage bands have been a dime a dozen for ages—not that we’re complaining. Enjoy this playlist of songs released from 1965-2016 that best pull off that classic, fuzzed-out garage rock sound that refuses to be shaken.

You Forgot Your Floaties

By Phillip Morgan If Finding Nemo, decades of Aquaman comics, and the massive catalog of bands with “Beach/Surf/Sea/etc.” in their name have taught us anything, it’s that quite a few artists draw inspiration from the relaxed, carefree atmosphere that often accompanies an ocean view. But not every band can be King of the Beach, so…


By Cody Kenner With this playlist, I attempted to select a variety of songs from multiple decades that each had a degree of twisted-ness to them, but also varied in tempo and lyrical content. It’s a dark playlist, but each song is dark in its own way.