The Mowgli’s Set to Release Newest EP ‘American Feelings’

By Katie Marks


Photo courtesy of The Mowgli’s Facebook

The Mowgli’s have definitely found their niche, and it is EPs. Los Angeles-based The Mowgli’s will be releasing the American Feelings EP on March 1st, featuring three already released singles. This is the second EP for the band in the past two years, following their 2018 release, I Was Starting to Wonder. Good things come in small doses; clearly, this is a mindset The Mowgli’s agree with as they continue releasing multiple singles and EPs in place of a full-length album.

Each of the four songs on American Feelings sounds inherently like what fans of The Mowgli’s would expect from the classically upbeat band, yet there is a newfound sense of growth in the group’s sound. Tracks like “Norman Rockwell” take the EP down a totally different path than expected at first listen, inspiring a truly melancholy, reflective feeling from start to finish. Listeners can still bop around their rooms to the rhythmic beats of every song, but listening to the lyrics could bring about a bit more contemplation.

As the EP’s title suggests, there is a major focus on feelings of all types. Laced throughout the EP are themes of love and life. Anyone with experience in love in their life will find that the songs of American Feelings ring true. Relationships are unique for every person, each coming with their own flaws. The Mowgli’s have managed to capture the imperfections of humanity and falling in love in only four songs. If you did not want to be in love before, you will want to be head over heels after listening to American Feelings.

The sound of American Feelings is mature and realistic, but not without the added influence of positivity that The Mowgli’s are known for. Despite only featuring a handful of songs, this EP has a good blend of old and new, happy and sad. The Mowgli’s have created something for everybody, new and old fans included.

American Feelings will be released on Friday, March 1st, found wherever you get your music. Catch the new songs and more on tour with The Mowgli’s alongside Jukebox the Ghost at Boston’s Royale on March 28.


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