Tinder or Tunes: Valentine’s Day Playlist

By Katie Marks

Regardless of whether you are single, taken, or “it’s complicated,” Valentine’s Day brings stress and insanely high expectations. Do you buy a gift or no? Are flowers and candy too cliché? Should I go on a blind date in an effort to not be alone? Honestly, who knows.

Valentine’s Day brings about two opinions: love it or hate it. Some people are incredibly fond of the holiday, using it to make grand gestures to platonic and physical loved ones alike. Others argue that Valentine’s Day is just another Hallmark holiday used for the profit of selling commercial goods to desperate citizens. Much like these opinions, the mindset of Valentine’s Day music is clearly divided. Check your friend’s Spotify accounts; it’s either lovey-dovey romance songs or an I-don’t-need-anyone-to-love-me mix.

I personally am not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day and the pressure to be in love just to take advantage of the holiday. I created a little playlist for those of us who are not currently cycling through Tinder for a last minute date. I compiled a mix of songs from artists I love ranging from “who cares about love?” to “wow, I wish I were dating.” It’s fitting if you ask me. Hey, even if you are in a relationship, this playlist could probably be relatable in one way or another. A playlist for all, really!


For all you singles out there, this one’s for you. Listen here.

playlist image.jpeg


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