Playlist: 10 songs to brighten your mood if you are going through a breakup

By Soleil Easton

1901 1. 1901 – Phoenix

No couple is perfect, it takes time and effort to heal the wounds. “1901” is about a couple going through relationship problems and the girlfriend is fighting to make the relationship work. Unfortunately, her partner knows it won’t work out and is contemplating giving up.


yes im changing tame impala  2. Yes I’m Changing – Tame Impala

“Yes I’m Changing” is a nostalgic song that many can relate to in regards of getting over a heart-aching breakup.


beach house levitation  3. Levitation – Beach House

While it’s difficult to decode the lyrics of the song, “Levitation” is about being young and in love, while also feeling lonely and empty.


washed out hard to say goodbye .jpg  4. Hard to Say Goodbye – Washed Out

The groovy house-lite beats make you feel like your daydreaming on the streets of Paris.


local natives dark days  5. Dark Days – Local Natives

Local Natives “Dark Days” isn’t about dark days at all. It’s a nostalgic song about high school loves and all the intensity that surrounds them.


whitney golden days .jpg  6. Golden Days – Whitney

Take a listen to “Golden Days” before adding it to you summertime playlist. Sit back, relax, and feel the warm sun rays soak into your skin.


in your eyes badbadnotgood  7. In Your Eyes– BadBadNotGood

“In your eyes” is about all of the emotions you feel when you realize you’re falling in love with someone for the first time. It’s smooth, groovy, and absolutely beautiful.


black smoke rising greta.jpg  8. Black smoke rising – Greta Van Fleet:

There’s a new name in the music industry and they’re beginning to gain more attention. “Greta Van Fleet” is a four person band from Frankenmuth, Mich. and have been compared to Led Zeppelin because of their blues-infused rock style.


gimme all your love alabama shakes.jpg  9. Gimme All Your Love – Alabama shakes

Love has no boundaries in Alabama Shakes “Gimme All Your Love” music video.


growlers orgasm of deaht.jpg  10. Orgasm of Death – The Growlers

“Orgasm of Death” is one of the most compelling tracks on the whole album, Casual Acquaintances. It maintains a cheery beat from beginning to end as lead singer Brooks Nielsen reminisces about love, hardship, and the “fear of going back to find all the nothingness we left being.”


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