Michael Rault, It’s a New Day Out Tonight

By Steven LaFortune


Michael Rault cover art for new album “It’s a New Day Out Tonight” // Taken from michaelrault.com

Michael Rault and his band had an electric performance this past Friday at the Once Ballroom. Promoting his new album, It’s a New Day Out Tonight, Rault attracted a diverse crowd. Rault’s voice was crisp and timeless, overlaying a mix of musical talent. Rault’s mustache, button down 70’s long sleeve and long dark hair

Some of the most notable aspects of his performance were his honest and care free lyrics, accompanied by the nostalgic acoustics. Rault and his bandmates played in sync with one another, which allowed the listener to relax and take in the moment. Rault effortlessly switched between the guitar and a keyboard, alongside two electric guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. Their fluent musical talent and Rault’s laid-back and powerful lyrics could put any listener in a trance.

Rault began his set with a song off his new album, “I’ll Be There”, which brought a wave of positivity over the crowd with lyrics like “I don’t mind if the sun don’t shine, I’ll be there”, one can’t help but rise from their seats and into the crowd. Rault brightened the room with his twelve-string acoustic. His lyrics were accompanied by strong guitar riffs with bass and drums that complimented the set. The two guitarists harmonized beautifully with Rault’s voice throughout the show.

Following, the opening song, he played a few tunes off an older record including, “To All My Friends” and “Nothing Means Nothing”. These songs offered a melancholic groove while still holding on to the good vibes. Rault had an expressive lyrical style that stood out from other artists of today. His voice was clear and the emotion genuine.

One electric player would casually pull out a metal slide that added a hint blue grass influence mixed with a 70’s rock feel. While the other guitarist played riffs and solos through with a multitude of effects pedals. His influence from psychedelic music was apparent in the many guitars parts. Rault’s ability to move up and down the neck of his guitar while expressing himself lyrically was impeccable.

Michael Rault’s stages presence was natural, relaxing and intriguing. Rault and his bandmates all had their own aesthetic. Rault took the stage in a button down 70’s long sleeve and long dark hair rocking a mustache. All of which showed the honesty of Rault’s music acoustically and physically.

After seeing Rault perform, one would be impatient for the next tour. The longer Rault was on stage, the more infatuated the fans became. Fans shouted words such as “don’t stop playing!”.

There were build ups that made you excited and grooves that made you relaxed. If you get the chance to see Michael Rault perform you will be satisfied.

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