LP is found with her single Lost on You

By Alisha Parikh

Despite one of the worst storms to hit Boston all season whirling outside, LP, birth name Laura Pergolizzi’s, headlined a sold-out show at the Royale this past Friday.

Noah Kahan, who flew in from his debut on Stephen Colbert, opened the show at 7:30 pm. His nine-song set list included his most famous songs “Hurt Somebody” and “Sink”.

His breezy, easy flowing melodies set the stage for Pergolizzi. He closed his set with “Young Blood”.

The inspiration for Young Blood, one of his oldest songs, came when he was stuck sitting on his couch back home in Stafford, Vermont while the rest of his friends were out partying.

Although a relatively new voice to the alternative, indie scene, the crowd didn’t hesitate to shout out the lyrics to the song. He blends a simple, easy to remember chorus with an upbeat melody leaving the crowd primed and eager for Pergolizzi to take the stage.

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Photos by Rachel Scalera

The lights turned off. A single blue light from either end lit up the stage as the band came out. Then slowly out of the left corner, Pergolizzi struts on stage singing unbelievable runs into the mic as she immediately transitions into her opening song, Strange.

Wearing an all-black ensemble, except for a beige beret casually placed on her head, Pergolizzi oozes style, comfort, and swag. Busting out a harmonica for her song Strange, LP peppers her performances with quirks not seen at other concerts. Her primary instrument, a ukulele, perhaps somewhat unconventional for style of indie, pop-rock manages to be the focal point of many of her songs.

In her performance of “When We’re High”, the ukulele adds a tender, groovy note to the song. The lyrics recall a time of getting high while listening to records with an ex-girlfriend.

Most surprising is her master-whistling skills, perfectly in tune and on beat, that she throws into the songs. Her performance of Other People, a sort of f*** you anthem, heavily relies on intricate whistling runs between a demanding vocal performance that she pulls off without a hitch.

Pergolizzi embarked on a world tour promoting her fourth studio album, Lost On You in early 2016. The first single off the album, Muddy Waters gained popularity after being featured in the season four finale of the Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black.

Her final performance of the night, “Lost On You“, a single off her fourth album became an overnight hit in Greece before slowly topping the charts in the surrounding European countries from Romania to Belarus.

Lost on You, a soulful song speaks to the pain of heartbreak. She easily conveys her emotions through her soulful lyrics and powerful performance.

Pergolizzi’s performance is a rare blend of talents that create a very real, very earth-shattering experience.

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