Django Django’s new album “Marble Skies” is a successful blending of styles

By Allie McGlone

London based art rock group Django Django released their third studio album on January 26th. The band is known for genre-defying, electronic heavy music. While their second album is widely thought to represent a degradation of their sound, in this new one, they barely diverge from their reputed style. The band’s typical electronic elements blend their fun and pop-y rhythms with interesting, if somewhat uniform lyrics. Restless lyrics and unique beats unite to create an album with a cool, edgy vibe.

The lyrics of the songs on “Marble Skies” are united by themes of frustration, exploration and questioning of the world. While the themes are repetitive, they are explored and considered in unique ways throughout the album. The song “Champagne” celebrates the power of emotion. “Tic Tac Toe” compares daily life to a game. “Sundials” expresses the feeling of being helpless to passing time, and “Further” conveys this as well as feelings of nostalgia. “Beam Me Up” reflects a desire to be seen and heard. Other songs combine these and more existential concerns and other topics.

In terms of sound, the song “Further” is both mellow and catchy, with lots of repetition and melancholy vocals. “Tic Tac Toe” has a bouncy rhythm, paired with the funky intro and outro that are common among the album’s contents. “Fountains” provides a wild electronic tune, with more variety in vocals than many of the other songs while “Real Gone” has an interesting beat and nostalgic, frustrated lyrics. Self Esteem makes a cameo on “Surface to Air,” somewhat robotically providing the vocals to the odd, erratic tune. This song shifts slightly from the general theme of the album but keeps its scattered and metaphorical lyrical quality. Other tracks include “Champagne,” “Sundials,” and “In Your Beat,” all of which stick to the general lyrical and musical theme of the album.

The title track, “Marble Skies,” immediately distinguishes itself from the rest of the album. It diverges further into classic pop territory than the other songs, while maintaining a few of the album’s key characteristics. Its lively rhythm adds a joyful quality to the dark, hopeful words of the song. The song’s theme of hope following destruction is exemplified by the line “look across the plain, the shadow/soon the fields will bloom again someday.”

“Marble Skies” represents a well known British electronic band delving into pop territory. The album is comprised of low pitched electronic beats and mellow vocals. It explores themes that include love, hope, and time. Overall, the band’s unique, electronic heavy style blends well with the added pop elements to create a smooth listen.

Listen to the album here:

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