Playlist Friday: Nature in the City

By Allie McGlone

This is my first semester of college, and I came to Boston from a small town in Northern Virginia. My neighborhood bordered on a forest stretching down to the Potomac River, and rocky trails led down to its edge. When life got overwhelming, I could run into the woods and climb down the rocks to sit by the waterfall. Now I live in a boxy college dorm in the big city.

I compiled a few quintessential nature jams on this playlist for a peaceful and fun vibe. It might not be pine needles and dirt under bare feet, but itโ€™s the subtle escape a lot of us need. I love lying on the grass of the Boston Common and hitting shuffle on this collection of songs or setting it on the sill of an open window. The city is big and gray and loud, sometimes you just want to think about sunshine and blades of grass blowing in the wind. For me, this playlist has been a breath of fresh air in the chaos.

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