Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts invites local musicians and other artists to perform

By Nola Elliffe

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Friday, Oct. 13 the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) sold-out tickets to their new Late Nites series which promised a sneak peek of Takashi Murakami’s artwork. For a $20 ticket at the door, the MFA offers a new seasonal after-hours event from 8 p.m. to 2 p.m.

A line of excited fans wrapped around the building, which was lit up by Murakami’s artwork, inside he has a collaborative exhibit with Nobuo Tsuji which opens to the public on Oct. 18 and remains open until April 1 next year.

Yvng Pavl, 28, curated the MFA late nite’s music and is proud at how well everyone worked together to create such a memorable evening. A fan of Murakami’s himself he stated, “Takashi Murakami has been a major influence in the creative scene for a long time. Dating back to his work with artists like Kanye West and brands like Complex, people who appreciate creativity and passion can identify his work. I think his artwork is bold, instantly recognizable, and makes statements.”

People in line for the first late nite series of the season were interviewed during a Facebook live video by host Tory Bullock and fans of all ages shared excitement for Murakami’s sweet artwork, hanging out with friends, listening to music and making great memories. It was crazy in the MFA line as pins were given out for participation in an interview and even games of tic-tac-toe were played.

The lineup of events, artists and food included a list that partnered with the local community. There was something for everyone. If you are into poetry slam then you would have loved that Oompa Out Loud presented in partnership with the Epicenter Community an open-mic contest consisting of three-rounds with original music.

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Taken from @durkinmusic // Photo by Braun Dapper

Dancers from Trend N Motion stuck around after their performance to dance to an improvised set by the W Hotel’s resident DJ, Durkin. The energy was strong in that it included a wide range of promotion among art and music, making a positive impact through inclusiveness. Durkin, who is a fan of Murakami, was invited by Yvng Pavl to play a set and as a result got to set the tone for an amazing night by seeing for the second time the inspiring artwork of Murakami.


Durkin Music said, “As someone who has been a part of the Boston music and arts scene for half my life, I can honestly say we are experiencing a really cool moment right now – a culture of creative curiosity, inclusiveness, and positivity is taking shape. People need time and space to celebrate art, love, life in as many ways as possible.”

The galleries were not the only place to find entertainment. Uniquely MFA has brought together an evening of traditional art with a twist of a festival style dance party.

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Yvng Pavl closed out the evening with a celebratory music set in the Shapiro Family Courtyard. He said it was a team effort and to see the hard work executed by myself and MFA staff Kristen Hoskins, Elizabeth Batty, Jennifer Leclerc was very rewarding. 

We all take something away from an inspiring evening filled with arts and music. Yvng Pavl stated, “my biggest takeaway was that people all over the city want Boston to be fun, innovative, and creative in nightlife and art. For years the biggest roadblock has been accessing spaces. If more events like the late night program occur than Boston will retain top artistic talent. At times, it didn’t feel like we were in Boston and to see the response to the night was an eye-opening experience.”

Go see it for yourself.

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