The Glass Animals light up Agganis Arena

By Allie McGlone


Taken by Allie McGlone

The Glass Animals performed a wild and colorful set at Agganis Arena this past Saturday. The show was extremely high energy, with bright lights, bumpin’ music, and dancing both in the crowd and onstage.

The headliner didn’t go on until almost 9:30 p.m. and was preceded by two opening acts, both of which were well received. The first one featured a woman with a beautiful voice, who no one in the sparse audience seemed to recognize. She spouted out high notes, clearly and confidently, prompting a spectator to shout “who are you?” Eventually, it was discovered that her name is Amber Mark, a talented up and coming alternative, R&B singer.

Mark’s performance was followed by an hour long set from the band Real Estate which had a melancholy, indie rock sound. They announced that two of the band members had graduated from Berklee College of music, right here in Boston, and that “dreams do come true.”

By the time Real Estate left the stage, Agganis Arena was packed. There was a lull in activity as the stage was set up for the main event. Thin fog trailed from the machines in the middle of the room. People shifted in their seats and whispered as rap music played over the speakers. Then, the venue lights went out and everyone rose to their feet in anticipation.

The start of the set was shocking. The Glass Animals took the stage with an immediate explosion of light and sound. The opening acts had worked with minimal lighting, and all of a sudden the stage was awash in color. The large letters ’G and A’ in the background flashed on panels of pink and green, while a disco ball threw spikes of light across the crowd.

The band opened with a high energy rendition of “Life Itself”. The lights flashed in time with the tune while Dave Bayley, the lead singer, danced wildly. His enthusiastic movements became a theme throughout the performance. He pumped his arms and ran back and forth across the stage. For a while, he played the tambourine. Then he strummed an electric guitar. Later, he cradled a pineapple.

The Glass Animals played a lot of their most popular songs, such as “Gooey” and “Black Mambo”. They also switched it up a bit, playing a rock version of “Mama’s Gun” that strayed far from the original recording, and a cover of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. The whole time, the singer maintained his excited motions.

The crowd matched Dave’s incredible energy. Most of the audience danced, sang and clapped along to the music. Every switch between songs was met with cheers. The palpable enthusiasm was only amplified by the obvious animation onstage.

Even as the concert came to a close, people remained standing and cheering. The lights blinked in geometric patterns. Dave was stood on top of the drum set.

It was a night full of color, light and vigor until the very end.

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