Third Eye Blind shredding light on tour

By Nola Elliffe

EmilyBonney-3EB-RI-Lupo (12).jpg

Taken by Emily Bonney

A strong presence of god-like domination in the musical world seemed to open up in a Pandora’s box fashion for all to see. Third Eye Blind has been creating influential communities filled with good vibes, contagious enough to establish a sense of belonging and wellbeing.

Third Eye Blind celebrated their 20th anniversary on their Summer Gods tour which ruled across seas of fans. To commemorate the occasion the band made a very limited amount of photo books, which includes a live show album from the tour. Stephan Jenkins, lead singer for Third Eye Blind, reassured fans with a Twitter post that it was recorded live and not in a studio with a laugh track.

After their energetic summer tour, Third Eye Blind left behind their Summer Gods opener Silversun pickups and made their way to Europe for a run of shows. Not quite ready to end their touring spree the band has taken to U.S roads once again.

Thursday, October 5th, 2017 marked the start of Fall of the Summer Gods tour at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI.

Fans filled the spacious venue, and Emily Bonney, 16, an up and coming music photographer with Behind the Scenes Press expressed how excitement by the fans, security, and other photographers was tangible.

Usually, Bonney would be waiting quietly for a show to begin, but there was something different about the atmosphere at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel. She even noted how other photographers would wave and say hello, fans talking to each other as if they’ve known everyone forever.

“You could tell that everyone was looking forward to the show,” Bonney said about the moments right before Third Eye Blind took the stage. When that first song started so did the shutter snaps of her camera lens.

The summer gods rained down their music in quick succession, songs rippled out telling a story through the 20-25 song setlist.

EmilyBonney-3EB-RI-Lupo (7).jpg

Taken by Emily Bonney

Kevin Bowe, 37, a die-hard Third Eye Blind fan noticed that their stage presence was switched up from their usual light set. “They had a laser light show behind them. You know usually their production has been pretty low budget or small. This was so different; it was much more robust. It kept on switching style settings to go with the songs. They surprised me! They keep surprising me.” After having seen 50+ Third Eye Blind Bowe exemplifies the die-hard fan base Third Eye Blind has cultivated over the years.

The crowd murmured that Third Eye Blind didn’t talk as much as usual. “They ripped through their set list,” said Bowe.

Third Eye Blind did take a break to thank their fans. “We are amongst friends,” Jenkins said, “I feel like we are coming in for a landing and I am not sure if we are going to land it, but you guys give uProvs the energy to stick it.”

Their energy also touched Bonney, who took a collection of intimate show photos. She has worked hard to put herself out there as a photographer. Not only does she love attending live shows of both signed and unsigned local artists, but she loves taking yearbook portraits for schools such as Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School and Brown University.

Jenkins and Bonney are artists who go out for what they want. Both got their start in high-school navigating their drive to make a living out of what they love. Each commonly presented with an opportunity. Art has a ripple effect, and it’s pure joy seeing each artist get caught in a wave of collaboration.

I hope they continue in their passionate commitments so that in 20 years I will have a chance to illuminate both of their successfully long careers.

Back at the show in Providence, RI, Many fans were in agreement that they loved the set-list played by Third Eye Blind.

Toward the conclusion of the show, Jenkins mentioned that the band is back recording in the studio and should be releasing something soon.

An eruption of laughter emerged from the peanut gallery in the back of Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel when Bowe yelled out, “I heard that before!”

Third Eye Blind has been notorious for taking an extended amount of time releasing new music.

Bowe added to the conversation after his remark, “It is a good thing that Third Eye Blind does their own thing; takes time perfecting which melodies will blend in with intricate lyrics. Their perfectionism or justified attention to detail is what makes them a band that people have loved for many years.”

Bowe then states with a pout,” but at the same time I also want music Stephan-like…give me songs.”

Fans new and die-hard have until the first of December to experience Third Eye Blinds wave of music. The setlist curated for Fall of the Summer Gods will have everyone singing out loud radio hits alongside a wide range of more obscure material. A perfectly balanced glide into 2018. 

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