Tash Sultana and the Pierce Brothers bring the energy at Paradise Rock Club

By Spencer Brown

Tash Sultana, an Australian alternative rocker, held a sold-out concert featuring Australian duo Pierce Brothers as the opening act at Paradise Rock Club this past Saturday. The artists definitely delivered a high-energy filled rock vibe for the third show of the North American leg of their tour and their first in the U.S.

People showed up hours before the show to secure prime standing spots, ensuring the 933 person venue was packed leaving little room to move.

The Pierce Brothers, which feature twin brothers Jack and Pat Pierce, began their career busking on the streets of Melbourne but have since transformed into incredible artists who deliver energizing live performances.

During their opening set, they elicited high levels of energy from the crowd by showing their passion on stage with a thoroughly engaging performance.

Jack ran across stage hyping the crowd up and then ran back to slam a snare with his bare hand which got the crowd very excited. Pat played incredible guitar solos filled with raw emotion, especially when playing a song about their sister’s successful battle with cancer.

The brothers played equal roles, taking turns as lead singer depending on the song leading that suited them better. Jack played a didgeridoo on multiple occasions, adding a very unique bass sound to songs. The duo did acknowledge that besides the few Aussies in the crowd most didn’t know who they are, however by the end of their performance, everyone in the venue was a fan.

Tash Sultana came out to a rousing round of applause as she kicked off her set with Big Smoke, which demonstrated her many talents

A one-woman show, she played the guitar, trumpet, drums, worked an electronic keyboard and synthesizer, and showcased her incredible vocal range and beatboxing skills throughout the course of the night.



Tash Sultana belting out one of the songs from her latest EP “Notion” // Taken by Spencer Brown

She has only released one full length project to date with EP “Notion” but she has released singles. She ran through the EP that has hits like “Jungle” which she went on to play on “Late Night with Seth Myers” Monday.

During her performance, she intertwined songs to create audio effects like no other and her ability to jump in and out of songs showed her adaptability.

She is the greatest guitarist I have ever witnessed with Jimi Hendrix like ability. She showed great emotion while jamming out to minute long guitar solos.

She also spoke about her struggles with touring and the break she took from her European tour, which she ended up canceling because “I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

Following her short talk, she gave a memorable performance of “Murder to the Mind” to an obediently silent audience.

She left the crowd wanting more with calls for an encore after a performance of “Notion” where she dropped to her knees during a guitar solo. She came back and delivered in one hell of a way. She had a thirteen minute encore with five-plus minutes of it being a guitar solo where she was freestyling with incredible absurdity.

Both Tash Sultana and the Pierce Brothers showed their ability to engage crowds with great stage antics backed up by talent that shows how they are some of the brightest stars coming out of Australia.


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