Announcing Boston Calling 2017



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By Brendan Kane

Boston Calling has quickly grown into one of the biggest music festivals in America and this year’s edition boasts an especially impressive lineup that has been praised by both Rolling Stone magazine and the Boston Globe.

On average the festival has attracted 20-22,000 attendees over the past couple years and it seems that it is the ambition of directors of the festival for that number to grow even larger this year.

Some of the featured acts this year include Chance the Rapper, Bon Iver, The 1975, Run the Jewels, and Mac DeMarco along with many other critically and commercially popular acts. The lineup not only deserves praise for its many high profile acts, but also for the large variety of genres presented; almost any music fan should find a few artists they are interested in.

There are also several changes coming to the festival this year that are departures from years past including a film experience curated by actress Natalie Portman. The venue of the festival is also changing from where it has been since its inception in 2013, the City Hall Plaza, to Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston, MA.



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Another major change is that this year the festival will only be held once and there will be no fall edition as has been the case in years past.

In a press release, the curator of the event Aaron Dessner, instrumentalist of the band The National said, “This relocation will allow us to expand the capacity, range and diversity of the festival’s programming, adding additional performance spaces and cultivating a unique multi-disciplinary profile for the festival.”

In the same press release the co-founder of Boston Calling, Brian Appel stated, “This change of location will allow us to expand and enrich Boston Calling while still keeping it proudly located in Boston.

3 day passes are currently on sale on the festival’s website with starting at $269. The passes provide access to all 45 bands across three outdoor music stages, as well as over 30 food vendors and all other attractions including all of the film experience programming which will be first come first serve.

Watch the Boston Calling announcement video below:

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