The Lights Out light up Arts Emerson

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By Carissa Dunlap

Arts Emerson brought in the sweet sounds of rock n’ roll to the Black Box theater Friday night, featuring four local Boston bands—The Lights Out, Gene Dante and The Future Starlets, Zip Tie Handcuffs, and The Sun Lions.

The Lights Out, which formed back in 2005, comprises four talented musicians—Rishava Green, Adam Ritchie, Jesse James, and Matt King.

At Friday’s event, Five Cent Sound had the opportunity to speak with guitarist Adam Ritchie and drummer Jesse James about the group’s new and inventive album.

Partnering with Aeronaut Brewing Company, the band recently released a full-fledged album on a beer can.

From AC/DC to Foo Fighters, beer and rock bands have always seemed to go hand in hand. As Ritchie tells us, “Beer and music have gone together since the beginning of time. Where one is, the other one is.” Aeronaut has crafted beers that tell a story and take drinkers on a journey. This seemed to be a perfect fit for the band, whose album takes listeners on a musical exploration through the multiverse.

The sci-fi rockers’ concept album T.R.I.P. explores the idea that there is something bigger out in the universe, and that here on Earth, people are only experiencing a slice of what is real. The band was inspired by the theory of infinite reflections, or the Hugh Everett idea of many worlds. Every song on the album explains another reality visited by each member of the band. Throwing away the idea of genre, the band blended intricate sounds and technology to reinvent the experience of seeing a band perform live. Thus, this eclectic music experience has something in it for everyone.

After going dark for two years, the band re-emerged with a newly imagined light show, incorporating wearable lights on their instruments and bodies. All of these accessories were designed by drummer Jesse James. James moved away from the traditional and standard LED, DMX lighting system, to using EL wire and synchronizing the lights to the beat of the music.

“The whole reason we are doing this is to create a sensory experience that involves sound and visual from our light show, and now taste and flavor,” Ritchie shares. The band wanted to find a way to bring back the exciting experience of obtaining a vinyl record from a music store, through both the beer and the newly re-imagined show.

“We put [the wearable light show] on and it guides us between dimensions and brings the audience with us, through the darkness between realities,” explain both Jesse and Adam.

Audience members at Emerson’s Black Box Theater were able to experience just that. The room was plunged into darkness before the spectacular spectacle erupted into an array of colors for the first song, title track “T.R.I.P.” With each song that followed, the band showed their years of prowess and deep passion for their music. The performance consisted of impressive, raspy vocals by lead singer, Rishava Green. Drummer Jesse James even took the mic to sing a song entitled “Cruel Enough.” While the instrumentals and vocals were excellent, the show was truly brought to life by the pulsing of lights that matched the rhythm of the music.

Drinkers who buy the T.R.I.P. beer will find instructions on the label of where to obtain a copy of the album. For now, the beer will be sold in local Boston markets and Aeronaut Brewery until an official digital release in early 2017.


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