Joyce Manor serves up energy at The Sinclair


Taken by Bobby Wieder

by Bobby Wieder

California pop-punk band Joyce Manor took the stage on October 20 for a sold out show at The Sinclair, their second show in the city. Touring to promote the recent release of their fourth album, Cody, the band didn’t let up as far as energy is concerned.

They opened the show with the raw, aggressive fan favorite “Leather Jacket,” one of Joyce Manor’s older tracks. Not long after that, they broke into new material from Cody. Joyce Manor has a habit of taking their softer, more indie sounding material and beefing it up for their live performances. This showed in their performance of “Fake ID,” the first single from their latest record. Songs like “Fake ID,” “Eighteen,” “This song is a mess but so am I,” and even 2014’s “Falling In Love Again” were received almost no differently by the crowd than songs like “Leather Jacket” or “Chumped.” Regardless of whether they were playing old material or new material, the crowd was engaged and moving throughout.

Joyce Manor’s shorter song structure makes for a live experience that doesn’t drag. After finishing the song “Five Beer Plan,” lead singer Barry Johnson took a swig of his beer and then told the crowd “We have two more for you.” It seemed as if the whole venue let out a “Seriously?” The show moved at a breakneck pace. The spark set by the beginning of a new song was constantly being lit. The set moved seamlessly from old to new material, never leaving a moment to drop the tension and excitement.

Joyce Manor left the stage after playing the song “Christmas Card,” the opening track to their 2014 record “Never Hungover Again.” They returned to encore their two biggest songs to date, “Constant Headache” and “Heart Tattoo,” concluding their two night run in Massachusetts. This was the first time Joyce Manor came to Boston as the headliner in a while, so they made sure to send their fans home satisfied. As tired, sweaty fans made their way out, it looked as if they did just that.

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