Finish Ticket talks new music, rocks Brighton Music Hall with alternative bands


Brendan Hoye (Finish Ticket), taken by Sabrina Combs

by Isabella Dionne

Five Cent Sound spoke with indie rock band Finish Ticket on Wednesday night as they stopped at Brighton Music Hall on their fall tour. The five-piece comes off of a long year of touring, having played alongside acts such as Twenty One Pilots, Vinyl Theatre, and Fitz and the Tantrums along the way. The band, comprised of twin brothers Brendan Hoye and Michael Hoye (vocals and bass, respectively), brothers Gabe Stein and Nick Stein (drums and keys), and guitarist Alex DiDonato, released the EP When Night Becomes Day last September. Their most recent LP, Tears You Apart, is now over three years old. Fortunately, fans can expect new material soon.

“2017 is all about new music for us,” said lead singer Brendan Hoye. The band, who wrote the bulk of their earlier music while playing local shows in the San Francisco Bay Area, has worked the past few years on writing while touring.

“The last few years, it’s been a new process for us to kind of learn how to stay prolific while touring constantly,” explained Hoye. “It’s a big goal of ours to keep writing and keep working on new music in our spare time. . . especially on this tour.”

Of course, where the band goes, the music follows—so fans can certainly look for a reflection of touring life in the group’s future music. “The content changes depending on where we’re at in our lives,” Hoye said. “When we released Tears You Apart, that was a very different time for us. I had just left my freshman year of college to start doing music, so [the album] really had to do with that, and a lot of that uncertainty.”

When Night Becomes Day deals with the group’s newfound fame after signing to Elektra Records and gaining fame through small tours and festivals. “‘Scavengers’ is a song about seeing people around us change a bit, and “Wrong” is a song that’s about starting to achieve goals that you’ve always set out to do, then realizing it doesn’t necessarily leave you fulfilled,” explained Hoye. “So [the music] is more current to what’s going on in my life at the time, and in our lives.”

“Color,” When Night Becomes Day’s most successful single, reached #24 in the US Alternative Charts and changed the makeup of the group’s live show audiences. Where previously, they drew a crowd of longtime fans, they now see more fans who have heard the single and are eager to discover more of their music.

“It was interesting to see that transition a little bit,” Hoye said. “It makes us excited to go back and get back out there with a new single. If you listen to everything else we’ve done, [“Color”] is definitely one that doesn’t really represent the entirety of our discography.”

With that in mind, the group looks forward to writing and releasing new singles that tell more of their story.  In the meantime, they’re excited to use the fall tour as a way to toy around with their current catalog. “[We] get to put in the time and the practice on a song that otherwise wouldn’t have that practice,” said Hoye. “When you’re playing a song every night, over and over, there’s something that clicks, even if it’s a song that’s already been recorded. By the end of the tour, you have a part that’s totally different, and it just feels better for the live show.”


Brendan Hoye (Finish Ticket), taken by Sabrina Combs

Highlights of Wednesday’s set included “Pockets,” a Tears You Apart favorite played for the first time this tour, a cover of Arctic Monkeys’ “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High,” and “Miss Woe, I’m Glad,” a track off their 2010 self-released EP, Shake a Symphony. That may be the oldest song they’ve played in a while, but the touring circuit has given the group a lot to write about in the near future. “I think this time around, we’re a lot more grounded,” Hoye said. “And we’re very excited to move on and keep playing these songs, but to have a bunch of brand new ones as well. To keep changing and evolving as artists.”


Brighton Music Hall was Finish Ticket’s sixth stop on their twenty-five-show Fall Tour.

Los Angeles-based alternative group IRONTOM opened the night with an animated set and a sound much bigger than Brighton’s small stage. The band joins Finish Ticket after a summer of touring in support of AWOLNATION. Indie alternative band Run River North (also from Los Angeles) followed, bringing a truly unique set highlighted by dynamic vocals and innovative violin arrangements. The six-piece released their second album, Drinking from a Salt Pond, in February.


Jennifer Rim (Run River North), taken by Sabrina Combs

Finish Ticket will tour through November before returning to the studio to record.

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