Troye Sivan at House of Blues, 02. 29.16


Courtesy of Live Nation

By Janii Yazon

Troye Sivan made a spectacular return to the Boston scene on February 29. The line outside the House of Blues started forming early that morning, and by the time doors opened at seven it wrapped around the corner.

The night began with an electric performance from LANY, a southern California alt-pop group, carried mostly by lead singer Paul Klein. His emotive movement—dancing with his guitar, kneeling in front of the keyboard, and clutching the microphone—captured the attention of the audience and held it for their entire set. They performed songs off their new EP, Make Out, including “Walk Away,” “Bad Bad Bad,” and their most popular, “ILYSB.” Their final performance of “I Don’t Care” perfectly encapsulated their hour of West Coast-inspired music. The band will return to Boston in May to play at the Sinclair.

By this point, fans were restless, and the only thing that could soothe their boiling anticipation was Sivan. He started out strong with the chilling a cappella opening of “Bite” followed by the groovy “for him.” and poignant “Fools.” While the setlist followed the structure of that for his previous tour, he inserted new tracks off Blue Neighborhood that added newfound energy to the performance. The close relationship between Sivan and his fans permeated all aspects of the night. He spoke constantly of his love for Boston and his fans here, confiding that although he didn’t want to “offend the other cities,” Boston had the best crowd.

Sivan’s endearingly uncoordinated dancing and contagious energy invigorated the audience for his entire performance. He also gave a shout-out to the LGBTQ+ community before performing “Heaven,” earning a deafening roar from the crowd in return.

Sivan’s return to Boston exceeded all expectations, from his infectious attitude to his solid vocals. He promised the crowd that he’ll start planning his return trip “as soon as I get off stage.” Until then, fans can smile at the memories of an exceptional performance.

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