Playlist Week: Austin

By Austin Weimer

“Blackwater Park” by Opeth

This song is number one because I have easily listened to it more than other single song in my lifetime. Opeth is my favorite band and Mikael Akerfeldt is my favorite musician. (I also have a signed copy of this on vinyl.)

“The Dance of Eternity” by Dream Theater

During my senior year of high school, I had the privilege of playing bass in a four piece band, and we performed a live cover of this song. Collectively, over a hundred hours of practice led up to that performance.

“Close to the Edge” by Yes

I consider this song the best progressive rock composition epic of all time.

“When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin

Playing this song on bass in a high school cover band strictly dedicated to performing Led Zeppelin set this song high on the list.

“Blood and Thunder” by Mastodon

Mastodon was the first band to get me into heavy metal. This song is extremely accurate in portraying their overall sound.

“Cry My Name” by Bloodbath

In terms of absolute rage and power, no other death metal band can come close to the raw sound of the Swedish Elite Bloodbath.

“White Walls” by Between The Buried And Me

A progressive metal masterpiece.

“Say That You Will” by George Duke

This one may seem way out of left field, but I absolutely love the bass line in this song. George Duke is the king of funk.

“Camelblues” by Mndsgn

The simple and smooth chord progression Ringgo Ancheta lays down on this track never gets old.

“White Mountain” by Genesis

Peter Gabriel’s Genesis. I will say no more.

“The Racing Heart” by Katatonia

Katatonia’s version of modern progressive metal is distinctly unique because of Jonas Renske’s serene and operatic voice that soars above a wall of dreary sound.

“Wngs” by Knxwledge

Knxwledge is one of the most innovative and talented hip-hop producers of the last few years.

“Salud” by Brock Berrigan

Brock uses a jazz sample in this song to create one of the most unique experimental hip-hop beats I’ve ever heard.

“All Caps” by Madvillain

MF Doom’s lyrical flow on this track is the epitome of clever rhyme scheme.

“Be Bop” by Arturo Sandoval

A timeless jazz classic with some of the most catchy trumpet playing I have ever heard.

“Dream On” by Aerosmith 

The original classic rock anthem everyone knows.

“Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye 

I regard Marvin Gaye as the best soul singer to ever live.

“Thunderstruck” by ACDC

A solid favorite from my early childhood attempts at playing guitar.

“Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder

The ultimate party song.

“Velvet Goldmine” by David Bowie

Bowie’s odd character and unconventional songs easily make him a favorite.

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