Troye Sivan at The Sinclair, 10.26.15

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By Lauren Lopez

On Monday, October 26, a line of anxious fans waited outside The Sinclair. Many passersby questioned who they were seeing, and everyone had one excited answer: Troye Sivan.

The show was the fourth of eight stops on Sivan’s first ever tour, so this was the first time anyone in attendance would be seeing him live. The excitement was evident. There was something electric about being in the venue, about pushing through the crowd and yelling his name as everyone waited for him to come out onstage.

The opener, DJ ABD, played remixes of a variety of pop songs, such as Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and Fall Out Boy’s “Irresistible.” He even played Ed Sheeran’s new single, “Lay It All On Me.” The remixes mimicked Sivan’s genre, which is electropop, because he took pop songs and built them into something edgier and more electronic. The songs made for an easy transition into Sivan’s set.

When he came on stage, one fan screamed, “He’s real!” As a YouTube artist, Sivan had only ever been a vision on computer screens. Lucky fans were able to meet him at conventions like VidCon or PlayList live, but for most, this was the first time they were in the same room as him.

He awkwardly walked out onstage, but it was endearing to see him visibly nervous. As soon as the first beat of his first song, “BITE,” started playing, he transformed. He sang and danced his heart out. Much like his visible nervousness, his dancing was dorky, but adorable. He had no clear choreography. He ran across the stage and flailed about in a fashion similar to the awkward bopping that Lorde does during her concerts. Despite how ridiculous it looked, it felt so real and so genuine.

He talked a lot to fans during song breaks. After one song, a fan yelled out that he liked his nail polish and he lit up and showed it off, saying he liked the green because it reminded him of ice cream. He also remarked how he liked Boston but thought the accent was weird. Though, he quickly corrected himself by saying he was “into it.” He was very open with everyone and it was a lot like talking to an old friend.

Sivan sang three songs off of his upcoming album Blue Neighbourhood, including “COOL,” “SUBURBIA,” and “YOUTH.” Before “SUBURBIA,” he spoke about his hometown of Perth and how it influenced the song. He also asked the crowd to sing out the lyrics, “Have you heard me on the radio? Did you turn it up? / Are you blowing out the stereo in Suburbia?”

A preview for Blue Neighborhood features a snippet of a song called “YOUTH,” which Sivan used to end his show. All of the new songs had similar messages of his home and childhood, which is what Blue Neignourhood’s overarching theme is about. The album has the same dark electropop vibe that a lot of his songs share.

Additionally, he sang “DKLA” and “EASE,” which are both collaborations off of his WILD EP. During “DKLA,” Sivan performed sections of Tkay Madiza’s rap, and during “EASE,” he held out the microphone for the audience to sing Georgia Nott’s solo.

During “TALK ME DOWN” the crowd held up homemade paper hearts with the words “Blue Neighborhood” written on them. Fans had done this at the San Francisco show and Sivan was really impressed by it. Most signs were blue hearts, but there were a few other signs that read, “Love you, Tok,” which is the nickname Sivan’s mother gave him. He mentioned that this was the first show without his mom, and he seemed very touched by the whole gesture.

Toward the end of his set, Sivan sang “WILD” and “Happy Little Pill,” bringing the energy way up. The crowd seemed to shout out the most lyrics during “WILD,” the title track off his last EP. “Happy Little Pill” was from his first EP, but he performed an acoustic version with his drummer, Adam, on the guitar. The energy wasn’t as high as it was for “WILD,” but the crowd seemed hyped that he was playing a different version of the song.

After his set, Sivan tweeted about how much he enjoyed the night, which felt like a fitting end, as he owes a large part of his success to fans gained through social media. Knowing this, Sivan always makes an effort to connect with fans. He is very active on Twitter and Snapchat, which he used before the show to announce that he was “spying” on the crowd gathered in the venue. It’s often hard to connect with artists because they seem like they’re on a different level, but Sivan stays grounded and constantly acts the equal of his fans.

Sivan wll continue the rest of his tour with four more shows in America and six in Europe and Australia.

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