The Maine and Beach Weather at The Sinclair, 09.13.15

By Isabella Dionne

Coming to the close of their American Candy tour, The Maine, supported by the newly-formed indie group Beach Weather, visited The Sinclair on Sunday evening. The tour, during which The Maine plays American Candy in its entirety, coincides with the band’s Free for All tour.

Beach Weather, formed in August by former A Rocket to the Moon lead singer and Braintree native Nick Santino, put on an absolutely stunning performance. Their six-song set included every song on their newly-released EP, What a Drag, as well as one from their upcoming LP. Sunday night was among the band’s first few live performances. By the end of their short set, however, it was clear that the four-piece worked as cohesively as a band who’d been together many years. The sold-out Sinclair responded very well to the group, who hopes to tour more following the American Candy/Free for All tour, as well as record an LP in the near future. Harvard Square might have seen clouds and rain Sunday night, but Beach Weather certainly brought the light to kick off the show.

Courtesy of Apple

Fans who’d seen The Maine perform last fall at Paradise Rock Club during their Farewell, Forever Halloween tour surely noticed the stark contrast in both musical themes and appearances here during the American Candy tour. Forever Halloween featured darker musical and lyrical themes solidified in a plain stage setup with a simple black backdrop of the album artwork. American Candy instead brings lightheartedness and optimism while returning to the band’s indie pop/pop punk roots, and the stage of the Sinclair was set with a number of brightly lit posts to reflect the album’s tone.

As expected, The Maine’s set began with “Miles Away” and flowed right into the rest of American Candy. After performing the album’s title track—and the second-to-last song on the album—the band played a shorter set of their older songs. The second set included fan favorites “Inside of You” and “Right Girl,” both from their 2010 album, Black and White, but also the somber “Waiting for My Sun to Shine,” off of Pioneer (2011). The crowd twice broke out into choruses of “Happy Birthday”—Sunday was guitarist Kennedy Brock’s twenty-seventh birthday—and the band’s road crew made sure to bring a plate of lit cupcakes to the stage toward the close of their set. At last, they returned to American Candy to play their final song of the night, “Another Night on Mars.” Frontman John O’Callaghan sunk into the audience with mic and guitar, as a chorus of fans resounded the song’s endless chant.

American Candy is among the band’s most critically-acclaimed albums, and to give fans the chance to hear it in its entirety was a treat in and of itself. Add a short set of longtime favorites and a stellar opening act in Beach Weather, and Sunday’s show simply was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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