Artist Spotlight: Consider the Source

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Courtesy of Nector’s

By Nick Stalford

Consider the Source is an American psychedelic progressive-rock power-trio heavily influenced by Tool, Victor Wooten, and the Mahavishnu Orchistra. The band was formed in 2004 in New York as an exclusively improvisational group, but in 2007, they released their first studio album, Esperanto, which was met with much praise from music critics such as Howard Mandel. Following the success of Esperanto, the group decided to move forward by touring the U.S. and playing various festivals over the next two years. Their efforts led to the release of their second studio album, Are You Watching Closely, in 2009 and their third studio album, That’s What’s Up, in 2010, which featured songs such as “Closer to Home” and “Moisturize the Situation.”

Following in the footsteps of other prog-rock giants such as Pink Floyd, Phish, and Dream Theater, Consider the Source gets its unique sound from guitarist Gabriel Marin’s mastery of the double-neck guitar with custom MIDI pickups; bassist John Ferrara’s utilization of slap bass on his Fodera; and drummer Jeff Mann’s Indian tala rhythms. They differentiate themselves from traditional prof rock thanks to their distinctive blend of Turkish, Bulgarian, and Indian styles of jazz and fusion with their heavy-metal sound. Consider the Source most recently released World War Trio (Part I) in October 2014 and will release the second and third installments this June. The band is currently on tour in the U.S. in promotion of World War Trio (Part I).

Catch Consider the Source on tour this summer and check out their discography on Bandcamp.

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