Playlist: A Strong Girl’s Guide to the 114th Congress

By Sophia Abbey-Kuipers

This past Tuesday, the Republicans took control of D.C. with seven new Senators and twelve representatives. States became more red this year, with three more Republican governors than last election. Some of America’s biggest supporters of women’s rights lost their elections. Mark Udall, an advocate for women’s reproductive rights, was the victim of a landslide loss in Colorado. Wendy Davis, the Texas State Senator who gained national attention for filibustering a bill banning abortion, also lost the Texas gubernatorial race.

Many news sources have marked this election as the end of the war on women in Congress. This group of electorates has more woman than any Congress before (100 between the House and Senate). The Republican party even elected their first black woman to the House of Representatives.

However, this is no time to celebrate. Many Republican policies in the last few years have been detrimental to women’s rights, including some to control reproductive rights and healthcare for women, as well as ignoring the pay gap between the sexes.

Our national community of strong independent women needs to get through this together, so I’ve compiled a playlist of songs that will get us through the next two years under the 114th congress.

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