Top Fives, Vol. 6.: Chris Gavin, Writer

Originally from Mineola, NY, Chris sometimes makes music of his own, but he mostly just listens to records in his bedroom. In the past he has written for Five Cent Sound’s Entertainment and Culture and Live and Local sections.

These are some of his favorite songs.

1. “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen

This song is perfectly cinematic. A guy with nothing but a desire to go on the adventure of a lifetime needs Mary to be his partner—priceless.

2. “A Little Bit of Everything” by Dawes

Exactly what its title says. Clips of life steamrolled into a song by one of the best bands around. The song isn’t flashy musically, but man, does it drive its point home.

3. “Boots of Spanish Leather” by Bob Dylan

One of many excellent Dylan songs about love lost. It’s hard to pinpoint one as the best, but this one is so hauntingly beautiful, it’s hard to not consider it.

4.”Love Is All” by The Tallest Man on Earth

Might as well be a Dylan—early Dylan, that is. It’s that good. The honesty in this song is paralleled only by the coarseness of his voice. The things we love and need are make us our best and our worst. It’s a song about self-doubt and the will to hope for something more. He might as well be the smartest man on earth while he’s at it.

5. “In My Life” by The Beatles

I mean, yeah, it’s the Beatles. But more importantly, this song is where Lennon really started to prove himself as a songwriter. The best part of all it is that every listener will picture different people and places related to them, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

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