Top Fives, Vol. 5: Nic Damasio, Writer

Nic Damasio is a Sound Design/Audio Post-Production major from Hanover, MA. Often times you’ll find him frolicking around a festival campground. When he can’t make it to a festival, you can be assured he’s going to shows in and around Boston. The key to his heart is a progressive house track with female vocals (or anything orange).

These are some of his favorite songs.

1. “Atmosphere” by Kaskade, Atmosphere

Ryan Raddon (Kaskade) did vocals for the first time on his own track. This song just makes you feel like you’re flying through the atmosphere/ universe/ some other plane of existence. 

2. “Rebound (feat. Elkka )” by Flosstradamus, Rebound- Single
This track is very different from most of Floss’s trap and heady beats. This is something you can just sit back and chill too. 

3. “Happy Go Sucky Fucky” by Die Antwoord, Donker Mag
Anything Die Antwoord puts out kills it. This track in particular kills everything and everyone with Yolandi’s angry high-pitched vocals and Ninja’s zef raps. 

4. “A Little Close (feat. Lim Kim )” by High4
Because K-Pop. 

5. “Exodus” by M.I.A and The Weeknd
This track brings together two amazing producers with different styles, blending perfectly in a bassy trip through the innerworkings of their artistic psyches. A gift from the music gods for us music peasants.

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