Top Fives, Vol. 4: Kirby Brennan-Riddle, Writer


Kirby Brennan-Riddle is a freshman WLP major with a concentration in screenwriting and being bodacious. A southern California native, she is hoping to attend the Los Angeles campus by senior year and is not looking forward to the Boston winter. You can find her around Boylston street or working at the EmCafe on the weekends.

These are some of her favorite songs.

1. “Reminder” by Travis, Where You Stand

A good, upbeat fall track, because sometimes everyone needs the little reminders included in these lyrics.

2. “Dino Damage” by Miniature Tigers, Tell It to the Volcano

This entire album is great, but I like this song especially. It’s very much a feel-good, amusing song with a fun, catchy beat, and it always makes me smile when it comes on.

3. “In My Life” by The Beatles, Rubber Soul

I don’t know if it’s socially accepted to play the same song at both your wedding and your funeral, but I’m probably going to, anyway. This song is so beautiful and just perfectly summarizes my philosophy on life.

4. “Step” by Vampire Weekend, Modern Vampires of the City

The first time I ever heard this song, I was immediately entranced by the haunting vocals and the unique harpsichord melodies. I’ve listened to it countless times since, and I’ve still yet to get tired of it.

5. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, A Night at the Opera

A shameless classic that I feel this list couldn’t be complete without. Shoutout to my sister Emily, who would rock out on air guitar with me and always lip-sync the complementing vocals without having to communicate it beforehand.

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