Top Fives, Vol. 3: Sophia Abbey-Kuipers, Writer

Sophia Abbey-Kuipers was born in Austin, TX, raised in Albuqerque, and is going to film school in Boston for Documentary Production and Political Communications . She hosts an underground radio show called “Super Women Awesome Grooves (S.W.A.G.)” on Emerson College’s WECB station. She is also the founder of the Boston branch of the weekly Music Nation. Some of her greatest accomplishments include touching Diplo’s ankle, Alexis Krauss’s knee, and Ty Segall’s butt. As the self-proclaimed “Nicki Minaj of Emerson College” she tries to bring the realest version of her to the people and spread the love of funky music far and wide. According to she’s “into hip-hop, indie, electronic, experimental and lo-fi”, but she mostly listens to female rappers.

These are some of her favorite songs.

1. “You Make The Sun Fry” by Ty Segall, Goodbye Bread

Ty Segall’s raw, intense sound creates the most unexpected love song with the sweetest lyrics.

2. “B R Right (feat. Ludacris)” by Trina, Diamond Princess

An early anthem for female sex empowerment, but also something to definitely get down to with your girls.

3. “Walking This Dumb” by How To Dress Well, Love Remains

The only version of this song that is available has been recorded live, but the rough texture of the reverb only complement Tom Krell’s soft voice.

4. “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” by Tame Impala, Lonerism

This song is instantly catchy but holds the listener paralyzed by a hypnotic, depressing chorus.

5. “Joey” by Bob Dylan, Desire

Bob Dylan is the master of storytelling through song. This one is a beautiful biography of mobster Joey Gallo.

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