Top Fives, Vol. 1: Clare Fuller, Online Editor

Hey, readership! I’m Clare. I’m the online editor/ overprotective mother/ obsessive grammarian behind Five Cent Sound’s blog. It’s very nice to meet you.

In a heavy-handed gesture of sonic introduction to this year’s web staff, we’ve compiled lists of our top five favorite tracks of all time. You can tell a lot about a person by the music she listens to, so here’s a detailed manifesto of the songs that make our hearts happy (or shatter into pieces, depending on how masochistic we’re feeling.)

So here’s my quintet of favorite songs. Again, it was very nice to meet you.

1. “Karma Police” by Radiohead, OK Computer
The most important. I actually owe Panic! at the Disco for this one. They covered it on their 2006 tour (you know, back when they were relevant,) and the tween version of me formed an emotionally dependent relationship with OK Computer that I haven’t been able to shake since.

2. “Dogs” by nouns, Still Bummed
Everyone please listen to nouns. They’re a teeny-tiny noisy guitar band from Little Rock, AR, who understand all your feelings (especially the awful ones.)

3. “Five Years” by David Bowie, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
My mom raised me on Young Americans, but I’ve always been partial to Ziggy–especially this track, which foretells the end of the world but also makes you want to dance?

4. “All Pinned Up” by The Thin Bloods, Twin Tumors, Vol. 1
I shamelessly plug these guys whenever I can. They’re a small alt-rock trio from Phoenix (my hometown), are milliseconds away from becoming huge, and sound like a mixture between Manchester Orchestra and a choir of angels.

5. “Father” by The Front Bottoms, The Front Bottoms
If you need someone to coax you through nightmares of killing your dad with a baseball bat, Brian Sella’s your boy. The Front Bottoms are everything.

Stay tuned for more playlists from our lovely new writers Sophia Abbey, Aidan Connelly, Nic Damasio, Chris Gavin, and Kirby Brennan-Riddle!

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