“Vow” by Sales


By Alexandra Fileccia

Take the sounds of Lenka and Tegan & Sara, add a hint of Churchill and a pinch of The xx, melt them down into one, and you get Sales’s new single, “Vow.” There’s a familiarity to the song; it sits on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite put a name to it. That’s what makes “Vow” so appealing to the ears.

“Vow” starts out with a slow, somber guitar progression then quickly picks up with a bouncy beat. The catchy guitar riffs will have you bopping your head from side to side as Lauren Morgan sings, “Looked at you too long at last/ Fell apart in the lows of a laugh/ In those times you will vow (you will vow)/ That’s why you try to quit thinking aloud.” The lyrics have a darker sentiment than the up-beat guitar; they embody the feeling of being trapped. “Pulled apart in two, three, four/ Looked around for all the doors (all the doors).”

Sales, a quirky guitar-pop duo from Orlando, Fla., stands out among other up-and-coming bands. Morgan’s unconventional yet soothing voice and Jordan Shih’s minimalistic beats and smooth samplings make Sales’s sound distinctive. The band’s other singles, including “Chinese New Year” and “Renee,” will appear with “Vow” on their self-titled debut album, due to be released late summer.

Give “Vow” a listen! If you like what you hear, catch Sales this June as they tour the East Coast with artists including Hundred Waters, GEMS, Skinny Bones, Orca Orca and Small Wonder!

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