Bands to Check Out: Light.Sweet.Crude

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Light.Sweet.Crude is an international band formed at the Berklee College of Music. They are known for their unique alternative rock/grungy sound, and have played at venues throughout Boston, including The Middle East and T.T. the Bears. Most recently, the band has lost their singer and acquired a replacement, which has led to a series of new recordings to be released throughout the summer.

Fun fact: The four band members can collectively speak 14 languages.

Meg Kaltenbach and Matt Tompkins, film production students at Emerson College, produced the music video for their latest song, “White Lighters,” which will be available for free download May 2nd!

Beat Dynamics, a new music video production org based at Emerson, is heading a marketing campaign to promote the band’s new releases.

Check out their music on bandcamp or like them on Facebook!:

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