Top 10 “Let It Go” Covers

By Olivia Billbrough

It’s been over three months since Disney’s Frozen hit theaters and yet “Let it Go” is still in our heads. The oscar winning song has been cover by many talented people, and probably sung in countless showers since the movie was released. So to celebrate the song that I still can’t get out my head, here are ten of the best covers of Frozen’s* “Let it Go.”

* This list includes covers of the Demi Lovato version as well.

10. Disney and Pixar characters Version

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Captain Jack Sparrow or Roz from Monsters Inc. sang “Let it Go?” Well, now’s your chance. Dallas Baptist University student Brian Hull showed his impersonator chops as he performed the song as 21 different Disney and Pixar characters. My favorite is when he does scuttle from The Little Mermaid.

9. The 9 Year Old Version

Little kid versions of songs tend to range from really cute to my ears are bleeding. Thankfully, this version ranges on the cute end of the spectrum and is actually really good for a nine year old. Little Annelise belts her heart out and even copies some of Elsa’s motions from the movie as she makes snow flakes in her hands.

8. The R&B Version ( of the Demi Lovato version)

R&B group AHMIR sets the bar pretty high with their cover mashup of the Lovato and Menzel versions of “Let it Go.” AHMIR, who claim to be “The number one R and B group on Youtube, is a group that has gained a lot of recognition from artists such as Ryan Seacrest, Beyonce, Ashton  and Kutcher,and it’s no wonder as this is such a great version of “Let It Go.”

7. ThePianoGuys, “Let It Go” mixed with Vivaldi’s “Winter”

Uplifting and intense, this is not your grandmothers Vivaldi or your little sister’s “Let it go.” ThePianoGuys take the song to a new level with piano and strings surrounded by icicles and snow.

6. Give Up*

Malinda Kathleen Reese has many other unique videos like this one where she translates lyrics of songs through dozens of different languages, and then translates them back into english. The result is hilarious. She also includes the lyrics in the video and in the about section so you can sing along. My favorite line so far is “On the rise for radiation.”

* The song begins at around 0:48.

5. The Korean Version (of the Demi Lovato version)

Proving that even in another langue, this song is still amazing, singers Ailee and Sistar’s Hyolun give a heartfelt, pop-y performance of the Demi Lovato version.

4. Male Version

Caleb Hyles performs this “manly” version of “Let It Go” for the Ryan Seacrest Best “Let It Go” cover competition. Think he should win?

3. Female singer impersonator

Actress Christina Bianco gives us a version of “Let It Go” by several different singers all from one person! Impersonating Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Alanis Morissette, and more. Good for a laugh and the chance to hear how some of your favorite singers might do “Let It Go.”

“Ooo let the storm rage on”- Christina Bianco as Julie Andrews.

2. Africanized Tribal Cover

This is probably one of the coolest (no pun intended) versions of “Let It Go.” Alex Boyé, who has done many other Africanized Tribal covers before, works magic on “Let It Go,” incorporating the 11-year-old singer Lexi Walker, as well as One Voice Children’s Choir, and sets the video against a frozen ice-cave background. If you didn’t like this song enough as it was, you’ll like it even more when it’s being sung by a choir of children with great backing vocals and music.

1. Son Seung-yeon

I came across this version on Tumblr and all of the comments said things like, “She’s better than Idina! And she’s in a chair!!!” The Voice of Korea’s first winner, Son Seung-yeon, knocked “Let it Go” out of the park. Also, apparently, she’s attending Berkley College of Music.

So there we have it! Ten of some of the best “Let It Go” covers on the internet. Want to claim one of these as the best? Didn’t see your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

And here’s a bonus Goat Version

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