Five Great Shows to see in Late March

By Amy Beaudoin


On Friday March 21st, Spirit Kid is having a CD release party/concert at Great Scott for their newest album Is Happening. Their sound reminds me of the best of the 1970s rock that defines today’s “pop” genre. It’s upbeat and energetic, and great to get up and dance to it.

Opening for the release are the bouncy pop group Pretty and Nice, and, from Bent Shapes, Andy Sadoway performing solo.

This is a 21+ show, starting at 10pm. Tickets are $7 at the door


The Field Effect is playing Great Scott on Thursday, April 3rd. The Field Effect is a Boston-based pop-rock band growing in popularity; they are currently on tour across the country.

They are following hit indie folk/rock band, Air Traffic Controller and opening for alternative rock group Forts/Gainesville.

Tickets are $10 at the door, and the show is open to everyone 18+


Portland-based band Typhoon is celebrating their newest album, White Lighter, with a show at Cambridge’s The Sinclair on Sunday, March 23rd. This 12-person band as a really unique sound, and largeness of the group allows for more variety in their sets while still maintaining Typhoon’s identity. Their slow base line makes for a soothing rhythm, and compliments the beats of guitars and their other instruments in the faster songs.

Opening for Typhoon is Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, a bouncy-beat soul musician with powerful vocals, and up-and-coming pop band, Wild Ones.

Tickets are $16 in advance here or $18 at the door.

Their show on Saturday night is already sold out, so hurry and order your tickets now!


If you need a break from the endless pop/punk/rock/alternative scene around Boston, Paradise Rock Club onCommonwealth Ave is hosting Tinariwen on Tuesday, March 25th. Originally from the Southern Sahara desert area, they are travelling the world. Their international influences make an individual sound that won’t be heard in the local music culture in Boston.

Opening for Tinariwen is The Melodic, a UK folk/Latin band.

Tickets are $20 here


The highly popular Dum Dum Girls are playing the Brighton Music Hall on Thursday, March 27th. These girls are all pop –upbeat, bouncy, get-up-and-dance-around pure sugar pop. The main vocals lend a deep, soothing element to the perky back beat, their lyrics are catchy, and their definitely not too hard on the eyes.

Opening for Dum Dum Girls are alternative, Portland-based group, Blouse, with an airy, dreamy quality to their sound, nicely complimenting the headlining pop artists.

Tickets are $15 here

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