Q&A with The Maine!

By Kat Westbrook


This Wednesday, The Maine kicked off the second leg of their acoustic tour at the Brighton Music Hall. I sat down with founding members Pat Kirch (drums) and Garrett Nickelsen (bass) to get the scoop on their first acoustic tour!

Five Cent Sound: How are you guys enjoying being on tour so far?

Pat: Good, this is the first day of the second part of the tour, so we’re having a good time.

Garrett: It’s really awesome!

FCS:  That’s great.

Pat: It’s kinda like the in-between of first day nervousness and at the same time you’ve done it before. (laughs)

FCS: Are you guys looking forward to any particular destination on tour, or pretty much just the entire thing?

Pat: The whole thing! I mean we’re just playing a ton of places, and every place that we’re playing is one of our favorites, so they’re all going to be good I think.

Garrett: I agree!

FCS: What made you guys decide to choose this time for an acoustic tour? Revisiting some of your older stuff?

Garrett: Well we just put out our acoustic EP a couple of months ago.

Pat: Yeah the idea for the tour and the EP just kind of came together as one bigger idea. I guess we just finally had the time! And we’ve been wanting to do an acoustic EP and tour forever now, so it just kind of made sense.

FCS: Awesome, and I know you guys have some acoustic tracks on your other albums, I was listening to the acoustic version of Right Girl on the way over here actually! Well have you guys had any kind of crazy experiences getting ready for the tour, or has everything run pretty smoothly?

Pat: Well I wasn’t in the van, but the trailer fell off yesterday when we weren’t there.

Garrett:  It was weird! (laughs)

Pat: Yeah that’s never happened. (laughs)

Garrett:  Things did fall off.

FCS:  You definitely wouldn’t want all of your gear to get destroyed! (laughs)

Garrett: Yeah that would be so bad.

Pat: Yeah that was the only thing, but it’s only the first day.

FCS: So there’s still plenty of time (all laugh) Hopefully everything goes well from here on out! Are you guys psyched to play any song in particular?

Garrett: I’m really liking the last song, it’s kind of like a secret track off of our record Pioneer.

Pat: Yeah it’s like a hidden track.

Garrett: We’ve never really performed it very much, but we have played it one other time. It has like a treat at the end, we really like playing it. Well I do, Pat doesn’t like playing it. (smiles)

Pat: No I like playing it, it’s just not that fun for me (laughs) I don’t really get to do much.

Garrett: He doesn’t get to Travis Barker it.

Pat: Yeah that’s exactly what I was trying to go for. (all laugh)

FCS: As far as musical focus goes for you guys, I know you’re re-visiting some songs from your older records, what has helped you guys develop to where you are now?

Pat: Time, ya know, and being older. Having broader music tastes.

Garrett: Studying music.

FCS: That definitely helps. (all laugh)

Garrett Yeah lots of people go to school and study music, and we just went right into it. We learned a lot from going on tour.


FCS: Do you guys have a dream tour lineup? Any artist dead or alive that you’d love to tour with?

Pat: Wilco, Tom Petty, the Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones, and the Replacements.

Garrett: People would be pumped on that show! And then we open and everyone is like “Who the fuck is this?!” (all laugh)

Pat: Yeah they’d be mad but we’d be pumped.

Garrett: Honestly if we got booed every night I’d be totally fine, I wouldn’t give a shit.

FCS: So basically as long as you’re fed you’d be fine?

Garrett: Man I wouldn’t even need to be fed, it’s whatever!

Pat: Yeah getting to see Keith play guitar every night, it’d be —

Garrett: It’d be awesome! (all laugh)

FCS: Do you guys have a proudest moment as a band?

Garrett: There’s definitely a few, the Tempe show felt pretty awesome. We played at a really nice venue in Phoenix called the Tempe Art Center. It’s like a full-seating theater, and our friends and family came out.

Pat: It was definitely more relaxed. It was cool to switch it up and play in front of everyone like that.

Garrett: Yeah it was a lot different than playing in a sweaty rock club.

FCS: Right, so how does that compare to tonight? I’ve been to a few shows here and it can get pretty hot.

Pat: I don’t think it’ll get too hot tonight!

FCS: Hopefully not, and I was just outside it’s frigid. Gotta love that New England weather. Another “favorites” question here, do you guys have a favorite record that you’ve worked on?

Pat: That’s really hard.

The Maine pioneerGarrett: I kind of think about that a lot. The new one’s songs I think I like the best, but for experience it was Pioneer, it was a big one for us.

Pat: It kind of made it so that we could make the new record.

Garrett: Yeah we would probably have gone done a different path had we not made that record how we made it.

Pat: There’s tons of emotional attachment to that record, because we know it’s what has gotten us to where we are now because of the things that we fought through to make that record.

Garrett: Yeah like the process of recording was awesome.

Pat: We’d gone from making a record where we were with this big time producer and we did things by the book, and it was super you’re going to work from this time to this time. And then we went and made a record and did whatever the hell we wanted.

FCS: Speaking of awesome, I just noticed your lovely galaxy socks, those are pretty awesome.

Pat: Why thank you!

FCS: Any big plans after this tour for you guys?

Garrett: Well we are going to Europe, specifically we’re going to tour the UK.

Pat: Then we go to Brazil!

Garrett: And then we do Warped Tour.

FCS: I’ve actually never been to Warped Tour!

Pat: Definitely go there this summer! It’s the first time in five years that we’re going to go.

FCS: Alright so last two guys, game time, are you ready? Are you guys excited for tonight?

Both: Yes!

FCS: It was already pretty full downstairs when I got here.

Pat: Hopefully everyone is psyched for this!

FCS: So besides the little treat you guys have planned for the last song, any other surprises planned for tonight?

Pat: Yeah well this is the first time on this tour that we’re going to have anyone else open, it’s been us the whole time. Hopefully the entire thing is just a treat.

Garrett: John and I end up talking too long, Pat gets mad. (laughs) Our set will end up being two hours and it’s only supposed to be an hour and a half.

FCS: So it could come down to a time crunch with you guys talking eh? (all laugh)

Garrett: No well we haven’t been cut off yet, but he’ll just start playing a song because we just start talking about stupid shit, like the dumbest stuff that no one else thinks is funny but we do so we’re laughing.

Pat: Hopefully we’ll remember all of our songs! (all laugh)


Remember to check out this article and more in out spring issue out April 26th!

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