Of Mice & Men – ‘Restoring Force’

by Taylor Markarian

One of the most heavily anticipated rock albums of the year–Of Mice & Men’s Restoring Force– has just been streamed on iTunes Radio, and let me tell you, I can’t rave about it enough.

This record, the third installment from the Rise Records signed metalcore band, is an impressively diverse and well-crafted collection of songs that comes (admittedly) as a wonderful surprise. It has something to offer everyone–within the world of rock, of course–and without question tops everything they have done thus far.

Beginning with “Public Service Announcement”, one of the several brazen and blaring tracks on the record, and ending with “Space Enough To Grow”, a track more on the melodic rock ballad side of things, the band gives an emotionally riveting journey through several variations of metal, hardcore, and alternative rock. Upon first listen, it is instantly clear why this record took so long and so much effort to produce–it is a whirlwind of intoxicating highs and heartbreaking lows that encapsulates the best and worst that life has to offer.

Restoring Force catalogs, from vulnerable confessions (“Another You”, “Bones Exposed”) to proud proclamations (“Break Free”, “You Make Me Sick”), what it is to carve out your own identity (“Identity Disorder”) in a world that constantly has us battered, broken, angry, and grasping for answers. Restoring Force solidifies Of Mice & Men as a band that can not only hold their own within their genre, but establishes them as a band that can be counted on for great and innovative musical artistry. If this album doesn’t set them up for a rock takeover, I don’t know what will.


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