Q&A with DJ Crash Bandiscoot!

DSC_0226DJ Crash Bandiscoot (Laura Forth – Boston University)

FCS: “Crash Bandiscoot”, how did you come up with that one?

Crash: Crash Bandicoot is the video game character, you recognize him?

FCS: I love those video games!

Crash: I love them too! But Crash Bandiscoot is the nickname that my boyfriend gave me and I kind of signed up for this as kind of a joke…

FCS: That’s not the first time we’ve heard that today.

Crash: Because my boyfriend’s roommate actually works for Red Bull and at the time they weren’t sure they were gonna have enough sign ups, and you know, this is so not my personality. You can’t tell because of the hat and the headphones, but it’s not me at all.

FCS: So, what is “you”? What would you usually be doing?

Crash: Probably studying in on a Thursday night. But you know what, I’m here, and rock on, and it’s gonna be great.

FCS: So even though this kind of started out as an accidental joke…

Crash: So we kind of set this up as kind of a joke, so my DJ name and my picture and this whole outfit was come up with in like five minutes. So we came to the first competition and I got there and I had a lot of help with my setlist and I had a lot of great friends there. But I said I wanna get through one round and I’ll be totally happy, and I won the whole thing.  Apparently people like 90s and 00s throwbacks.


FCS: We do. We love reminiscing.

Crash: And that’s what I’ll be playing tonight.


FCS: You guys have Battlegories, so is there one in particular that you’re most excited for or most nervous for? Because there are some kind of weird ones.

Crash: I’m most excited for Thug Days. Not to talk myself up, but I killed Thug Days at the last one, because there was enough people that know me to be like, “Oh my god, I can’t believe she’s dancing like that on stage.” And then there was enough people who don’t know me where I kind of pull it off with the outfit. So I totally killed it. And I think I’m least excited for I’m At A Rave, because that’s not my style of music and I think I have some good songs but I’m not 100% confident.

FCS: That’s interesting, because you would think that for DJs, the I’m At A Rave category would be the easiest.

Crash: You would think, but it goes along with me not being a DJ. I think boy bands is my favorite, [laughs] I love boy bands.

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