Q&A with DJ BREK.ONE. !

DSC_0221The opening DJ for the finals for Red Bull Play and Destroy, BREK.ONE, took the time to talk with us before his performance. Turns out, his is a name you’ll want to know. With a tour with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki behind him, as well as a part in the movie The Heat and a Boston Music Awards nomination under his belt, BREK.ONE isn’t stopping anytime soon.

FCS: How does it feel to be here tonight with all of this new talent?
BREK.ONE: It’s awesome. I’m always happy to be a part of anything that Red Bull is doing. They’re one of the few corporate companies that likes to put forward just culture…and for me to be a DJ…it’s good to just have someone like them who have put a lot of money into this industry and giving people chances that wouldn’t normally have chances. There was nothing like this when I was starting out. This allows people to get their name out there and to actually have a crowd react to what they’re doing. And that alone gives you energy and fuels your passion to want to do more, to be out there more, create more.

FCS: When did you get your start?
BREK.ONE: I was probably like 14. I am 28 now.

FCS: Reading up on your profile on SoundCloud, you say that your approach to music is the same as your approach to graffiti art. Can you talk about that?
BREK.ONE: Yes. There’s a reason I don’t go by DJ BREK.ONE. I’m just BREK.ONE, and that’s because I was an artist first. Music just happens to be one of the mediums I [use to] express myself, and has catapulted me to where I am now. But I still design, I still do everything I was doing when I was younger. But as an artist, I want every aspect of what I do to reflect me…You’re getting 100% of me, all the time. I approach it with the same creativity and design.

FCS: You were actually also nominated for the 2013 Boston Music Awards DJ Artist of the Year. How does that feel? That’s a pretty intense honor.
BREK.ONE: It feels dope. I know everyone who’s been nominated, they’re all awesome people. But in the past, there’s been people who were nominated that did not deserve to be there. This year has just happened to be an incredible year. I was in a movie–

FCS: What movie?
BREK.ONE: The Heat, with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy?

FCS: What scenes were you in?
BREK.ONE: In the club scene. I’m the DJ in the club.

FCS: No way! That’s awesome!
BREK.ONE: This year has been amazing. I did a tour with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki this year…and all these crazy gigs that I did this year…So I think that just gave me the extra push…So of course I deserve to be nominated. If I do a shitty job next year, I should not be nominated at all. No matter how popular I am. I want people to be nominated who are inspiring…Vote for me if you’re inspired by what I do and if you respect what I do.

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