Q&A with DJ Spinal!

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 11.01.52 PMLast Thursday night at Boston’s own Paradise Rock Club, Five Cent Sound had the pleasure of sitting down with a few of the student DJs at the Red Bull Play & Destroy Finals before they took the stage. The event was the last leg of a competition between the best amateur DJs the colleges and universities of Boston had to offer. It’s all over now, and DJ Crash Bandiscoot (Laura Forth, Boston University) took home the title as well as an Apple iPad and a VIP Vans shopping experience. Read below to get to know some of the colorful characters that riled the crowds at the event.

FCS: What’s your actual name?

DJ Spinal: Max [Mejia]

FCS: Where do you go to school?

DJ Spinal: I go to school at Harvard.

FCS: What was the process like getting to this point?

DJ Spinal: I went through the qualifier that was MIT versus Harvard, and I was the only one from my school to get through, and three other people from MIT made it through. So it was pretty fun, pretty challenging.

FCS: Yeah? In what ways?

DJ Spinal: The crowd was predominantly MIT students. I’d say like 3/4 of the crowd.

FCS: Animosity?

DJ Spinal: Yeah, so I have no idea how I even made it past the first round, because everyone was just getting shut down.

FCS: You must be talented to get here then.

DJ Spinal: I hope so!

FCS: How does it feel to be here tonight?

DJ Spinal: I don’t know yet, because it hasn’t really started, but I’m excited and I’m ready to show my stuff. I’m just excited.

FCS: Cool. Well, there are these BATTLEGORIES, or categories of songs that they’re going to tell you to play something for. Is there one or two in particular that you’re most excited to get?

DJ Spinal: I think I’m ready for all of them. I like all types of music, so it doesn’t really matter which one they throw at me, and I think a lot of them overlap, kind of. I really enjoy dance music, so if I get anything where it’s upbeat where I can kind of play with the category a little bit and play different styles, that’s what I’m looking for.

FCS: One of them is “Boy Bands”, or something. So you’ve got some challenging, kind of funny ones in there. How do you think you’re going to handle that?

DJ Spinal: I’ve got some songs for them set up. I mean I don’t prefer those categories, but if I get them, I think I’ll rock them. So, I’m just ready for whatever they throw at me.

FCS: Last question–show us how you’re going to react if you win.

DJ Spinal: Well, last time I just took all my clothes off.

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