Q&A with DJ R.D. Spinz!

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 11.09.23 PMLast Thursday night at Boston’s own Paradise Rock Club, Five Cent Sound had the pleasure of sitting down with a few of the student DJs at the Red Bull Play & Destroy Finals before they took the stage. The event was the last leg of a competition between the best amateur DJs the colleges and universities of Boston had to offer. It’s all over now, and DJ Crash Bandiscoot (Laura Forth, Boston University) took home the title as well as an Apple iPad and a VIP Vans shopping experience. Read below to get to know some of the colorful characters that riled the crowds at the event, and stay tuned for more to come!

FCS: So, who are we sitting with right now?

R.D. Spinz: I am R.D. Spinz from Boston University

FCS: Cool, and what’s your actual name?

R.D. Spinz: Randall Spence.

FCS: How did you hear about this competition?

R.D. Spinz: I heard about it through my friend who’s a Red Bull girl, but actually, I was in it last year and I placed second.

FCS: Really? That’s awesome!

R.D. Spinz: Coming back for the title.

FCS: So what has the process been like getting to this point?

R.D. Spinz: It’s actually really tough. There’s a first round and so you get the whole first round, you gotta get all your people to come out for that–which is tough because it’s just the first round. Now, when you’re in the finals, you’re like, ‘Guys, I’m in the finals. It’s legit.’ That’s how you get people out.

FCS: So is there a particular BATTLEGORY you’re looking forward to tonight?

R.D. Spinz: My God, any category where I can get up there and dance. I love that.

FCS: That’s everything isn’t it? That should be every song that you want to get up there and move.

R.D. Spinz: That’s what’s up!

FCS: So, if you win tonight, how are you going to react?

R.D. Spinz: You will know when I win because I will be jumping into that crowd and they better be ready to carry me.

FCS: Why do you think you should win? Why should people want you to win?

R.D. Spinz: You should want me to win because R.D. Spinz is a humble individual that’s just like me and you. I just love to party.

FCS: We all love to party! Is there any DJ here that you’re most afraid of? Or that you consider your biggest competition?

R.D. Spinz: Well to be honest, I’m the one that they’re all afraid of.

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