I Came, I Danced, and my Ears are Still Ringing–Thanks Bassnectar


by Chelsey Moody

Last Thursday, I went to night one of Bassnectars two night, sold out set at the House of Blues Boston. I figured it would be like any other House of Blues show where I’d dance for an hour or so and then they’d push everyone out at around 11pm or so. I was dead wrong.

We arrived at the House of Blues just as the act before Bassnectar was wrapping up and managed to make our way all the way up to the front. People were dressed in usually dupstep/ rave clothes, covered in neon colors and lights eager for Bassnectar to comeout.

Right as he took the stage, The screen behind him read “Bassnectar Loves Boston” which got the crowd to let out a roaring applaude. Bassnectar took the stage at around 10/10:30 pm and didn’t stop until well after 12:30. The entire stage was covered in trippy lights and visuals that changed with the beat. The sound was hard and loud. You could literally feel the bass run through you. It was an all out dance party and by the end of it, me and everyone else were drenched in sweat. It wasn’t just the music that was good, the people at the concert were awesome too. At one point when I realized that the person I just bumped into was not the friend I came with and tried to go back to my original spot, two guys high-fived me, laughed and said, “Naw you’re part of the group now!” So I kept on dancing.

Usually when I leave a show at the House of Blues, I’m always left wishing for a longer set from the artist. But with Bassnectar, at one point I almost wished for it to be over. Three hours is a long time for headbanging and dancing and by the end of it, you could tell the entire crowd was excited, but exhausted. My ears were still ringing when I got back home and into bed, it made me envy the smart people who I had made fun of for wearing earplugs during the show. I have only been to 3 or 4 other shows at the House of Blues here in Boston, but Bassnectar had turned the venue into an all night dance party that I didn’t think was possible so to that, I say thanks!

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