Alone Is An Option.


by Talia Sellers

I’m sure, like me, you’ve wanted to go to a concert but your friends have either bailed or were uninterested in the band. Or maybe a friend did come with you but ended up being a less than satisfactory companion. I personally do not like asking my friends to spend money on bands they don’t love. In the past I’ve missed some of my favorite bands play just because I had no one to go with. Last September, Reptar, a band I had recently gotten into, was playing near me. The only friend I had who liked this band was in school in Utah at the time. We found out that Reptar would be playing near her one week before. Both having no one to go with, we decided to go alone. I was nervous about how the experience would go. Would someone notice I was alone? Would I have fun? I can’t speak for her, but to this day that concert is one of the best I have been to. Since then, I have attended countless shows alone and enjoy them just as much, if not more, than when I have been with friends. I wanted to share some things I have learned in my experiences.

1. You can go crazy. Don’t deny it. Most of us hold back when in the company of people we know. Even though your friends are most likely not actually judging you, the fear prohibits you from dancing, screaming, singing the wrong words, and having the best time you can. When alone at a show, you don’t know anyone and will probably never see them again, so you can go wild for your favorite band without being worried what others will think. No one will ever know about it!

2. You meet a lot of people. Ok so this basically contradicts my entire point, but meeting new people at concerts is one of the best parts of  attending alone. When you’re with your friends, you tend to stay in a bubble, so meeting new people is less common. After standing/sitting next to the same people for hours, you develop a connection, if only for the night. Everyone there loves the band as you, and are more than willing to talk to you about them/other things you might love.  Most people are extremely nice and will be more than willing to talk to you, or even start the conversation themselves. There is a sense of beauty that comes with a bunch of people gathered for the same thing and you can take advantage of this by meeting new people who you know love at least one of the same things as you.

3. You can enjoy the music You are on your own terms. You don’t have to worry about talking to friends the whole time or taking care of the drunk girl. You can actually listen to the music! You don’t have to wait on anyone or leave to go to the bathroom when they ask you to. You won’t have to explain which band member is which and what song they are playing now. You can focus on what you came there for.

4. It is not about you, it’s about the musician  Worried people will judge you for being alone? Scared you don’t look your best? Frankly, no one will care. Everyone is there for the musician, not you. No one will know that you are there alone and if they do why would it matter? Concerts are about seeing artists perform, not what everyone is wearing or who’s with who. So if you ever want to go to a show but don’t have anyone to go with, go alone! Why miss out when you can have an equally fun, or better, time alone? Just be safe, smart, and willing to leave your comfort zone. Chances are you will have a great time.

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