Fedde Le Grand, Ned Shepard and Sultan– Road To Ultra Video


by Shannon Horowitz

With the wrap up of Ultra Music Festival and Miami Music Week 2013Fedde le Grand, along with Sultan and Ned Shepard, have released a video documenting the journey  of their “Road to Ultra” tour.

The ‘Road To Ultra’ saw thousands of eager fans filled out dance floors in nine key US cities under the epic musical ministrations of Fedde and his tour teammates Sultan + Ned Shepard, before hundreds of thousands descended on Miami itself, all in search of that ultimate hedonistic groove and speaker-shattering bassline.

The video includes footage from the journey to Miami, along with some sweet shots from Ultra and Miami Music Week itself. At first, it’s a beautiful black and white melange of photos and  film footage of the tour, showing the artists performing at venues, eating fast food, and hanging out. There’s not much color, but for some reason lots of food. I guess DJs love their food.

Then finally it changes to deep, rich colors when the three reach Miami, with film footage of the artists performing and the crowd having a grand ol’ time.

I am so jealous that I wasn’t in Miami, and this video makes me want to turn back time and be apart of the fun.

The soundtrack of the video, co-produced by Fedde Le Grand, Ned Shepard and Sultan, is the trio’s lated collaboration. ‘Long Way from Home’ is the official “Road to Ultra” tour anthem. The track has the classic house beat but also incorporates old fashioned blues vocals, skillfully mastering the mashup of old and new.

‘Long Way from Home’ is already out on Flamingo Records and is continuously climbing the charts on Beatport. Right now, it’s  number 5!

to check out the video, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmITUPSyet0&feature=youtu.be

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