Fun in the Sun: 4 Bands You Have to See This Summer

by Helen Schultz

Hard to believe it from the looks of the snow on the Common, but summer is almost here. May 1st Emerson will empty out and it’ll be time for three months of well-earned vacation. Also headed to your hometown? Your favorite bands. Here’s a sampling of some of the artists on tour this summer that we here at Chaos are especially pumped for.

  • Nothing screams summer like Vampire Weekend. The chamber-pop band is back on the road this summer to support their new album Modern Vampires of the City. So far the band has only released dates in a few cities. On the current list? Boston’s Agganis Arena. That hostel around the corner from LB is looking very appealing right now…
  • How about two for the price of one? Scottish royalty of indie chill Belle and Sebastian are sharing their headline with cult-favorite Yo La Tengo. You really can’t get much better than that, can you?

  • International superstars Phoenix are making the rounds this summer to support their new album Bankrupt! Judging from their first single off the album, “Entertainment,” they sure haven’t lost their touch.
  • Foals have been touring North America since January. The good news is that they’ll be sticking around for the beginning of this summer. They’ve already hit your city? There’s always their newest album Holy Fire which dropped February 11th.

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