Passion Pit Radiates Heat Despite Blizard


Cleanup at Boston University. Photo by Richard Taffe

by Talia Sellers

Four months ago, before I even knew if I would be attending Emerson as a Spring Freshman, Passion Pit announced their 2013  tour. I decided to buy a ticket anyway for the show on Saturday February 9th at Agganis Arena here in Boston. As February came closer, I could hardly contain my excitement. I had seen Passion Pit twice at festivals last year, but I had a feeling their headlining show would be different. Finally February was here, and much to my dismay, so was Nemo.  The blizzard hit Friday February 8th. Classes were cancelled, flights were grounded, and trains were closed. Because of this, Passion Pit rescheduled their show to a day later, Sunday the 10th. I was relieved. I thought the show would be cancelled. However, the problem of transportation still prevailed. The T was still closed Saturday, with promise of  a return of full service on Monday. Sunday was finally here. The T was running with limited service. One of the openers, Icona Pop, announced on Twitter that they would not be able to play the concert. I was disappointed, having seen them before and loved their set. I left Emerson around 2:30pm in hopes of being one of the first people in line. I was able to take the green line from Boylston to Kenmore, then walked from there to Boston University’s West campus, where Agganis Arena stood. During the walk I was able to see the results of the blizzard. The streets were mostly empty, most of the people were workers busy dealing with the repercussions of the storm.


Matt of Matt and Kim. Photo by Ben Stas

After a little over a mile of walking, I finally was at the Arena. I was shocked with what I saw. It was almost 3:30 and there was no one there. I was used to waiting for hours for concerts, especially with a general admission floor ticket. I circled the building a few times, making sure there wasn’t a line hiding somewhere. I was the only one there. After picking up my ticket from will call, I walked further down Commonwealth to get lunch. When I came back, it was past four and little signs of anyone. Every few minutes I circled the building, sure I was missing the line. I was happy to finally see a few people come to the box office to pick up their tickets, but they left right after. Finally I saw two girls lingering around the venue. I asked them if they were there for the show. To my delight they were. I wouldn’t be the only person in the venue!  A bit after five, with doors at six, there were a few other girls standing around waiting. I was saddened by the whole thing. Passion Pit was formed here in Boston, and only about twenty people were there with a half hour left before doors opened. We made our own line and waited out the remaining time. At six they let us in. As we filled into the arena, it became apparent how few people were really there. There was a huge gap of empty space between Floor One and Floor Two, as well as sections of empty chairs around the arena. Matt and Kim hit the stage with incredibly high energy. They commented on how the blizzard would not stop them from having a great time and how Boston was one of Matt’s favorite cities. During the first few songs, the crowd seemed unresponsive to the band’s attempt at livening things up. Eventually, their 45 minute set left the crowd alive and excited for Passion Pit.  

To me, few things are more rewarding than being front row at one of  my favorite band’s headlining shows. When Passion Pit took the stage at nine, opening with “I’ll Be Alright,” I was in a complete state of euphoria.  The lead singer, Michael Angelakos, is an incredible performer. He traveled the stage throughout the show, so that fans who were stage right or left were able to get more than just a quick glimpse of him. The band played almost all of the songs from their 2012 album Gossamer and many from their 2009 debut Manners. Angelakos talked of the band’s formation in Harvard Square and how they would be back soon to make up for the people who were unable to attend because of the weather. Their set was an hour and fifteen minutes, and I have to say it was one of the best hour and fifteen minutes of my life. After being stuck inside the past few days, jumping, screaming, and dancing to Passion Pit was the perfect cure for the blizzard blues. As they left the stage, Michael Angelakos walked over to where I was standing and high-fived myself and two others.  It was the perfect end to a perfect concert, and I can only hope to attend another Passion Pit show. As I walked the mile back to the T I could only think about how important the night was. The passion (corny, i know) exuded from both the band and the crowd was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Still today I am unsure if I will enjoy another concert more than Passion Pit at Agganis Arena.

passionpit15-1024x682 (1)

Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit. Photos by Ben Stas


Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit. Photos by Ben Stas

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