Baauer and Just Blaze at The Middle East

Bauuer at The Middle East. Photo Credit: Shannon Horowitz

Bauuer at The Middle East. Photo Credit: Shannon Horowitz

by Shannon Horowitz


This Valentines day, Boston was in for a lovely appearance from Baauer and Just Blaze.  The recently ‘gone-viral’ artist (Baauer) stopped by to a SOLD OUT show. I wasn’t surprised that the venue was sold out for an artist like this, but I was a bit confused as to why Baauer didn’t book a larger venue. He’s pretty big in the world of electronic dance music these days, especially after working with big names like Major Lazer and Flosstradamus.

The whole list of artists to perform that night were Colin DomiganBass AlchemistsVoltranJust Blaze,and Baauer. I missed Colin Domigan and  most of Bass Alchemists’ set, due to the T… (Never trust Boston mass transit).

But I was there to see Voltran. Mike Tran, aka Voltran, has been receiving more and more attention these days, and for good reasons. His tracks and remixes are killer, and the passion that he exhibits entrances the crowd and locks them in. He has so much fun while performing.  At this show, he jumped and called to the crowd, getting them all hyped up. It was a bit ironic, but when he dropped a remix Dillon Francis’ “Bootleg Fireworks” he actually had to run off stage for a moment, take his signature button down off, and grab a water bottle. He was literally ‘burning up’.

Voltran plays his set. Photo Credit: Shannon Horowitz

Voltran plays his set. Photo Credit: Shannon Horowitz

(I recently spoke with him and it turns out that he got a last minute spot at a Winter White Tour in Maine on the 23rd of February. He was filling in for none other than Alvin Risk….Those are some big shoes to fill. But I saw some footage from the night, and the crowd seemed to be loving it.)


 Just Blaze came on after Voltran, all relaxed. He unzipped his bag, and casually pulled out an unopened bottle of Jameson. He played his remixes of older hip hop songs as usual, and stayed his cool, calm self. His ‘posse’, however, was very supportive of him (like most posses are) maybe a bit too supportive.  At one point the security of Middle East had to tell them to get off the stage because they were too rowdy.

Finally, it was Baauer’s turn. Donned in an red beanie, the seemingly overnight viral-video star was actually really humble when he got on stage. Even before all this hype about the Harlem Shake (like mostreal edm fans), I was beyond excited to see him. One of my favorite tracks of all time is his remix of Rollup. He played a great set, and the crowd went wild.

Now, I bet you are wondering if he dropped Harlem Shake. Of course he did….  and of course, it was a shit show. Just Blaze came back on stage and MC’d when Baauer played. Voltran and his buddies of Case & Point (look out for them, they are going to blow up this year) made their own version of the viral video. It got so out of hand that the audience started to climb on the stage. Security had a fit. Multiple stage dives took place.

Here’s the video for your consideration:

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