Two Concerts, Two Days

Mumford and Sons at Bonnaroo

Mumford and Sons at Bonnaroo

by Rebecca Fiore

I have always been an avid concert attendee. Between the lights, people, environment, and most of all the music, concerts have always been a place of true freedom. Unfortunately in order to gain such freedom, first you must do the work. If I have a concert on the weekend it isn’t challenging to get my work done. Why? Because I have plenty of time still. I have an entire weekend (or Sunday night) to get my work done that I can afford to relax on Friday or Saturday night. However, this month I found myself in a predicament.

In November, I purchased tickets to see The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons. Originally they were supposed to be about a week apart. That was convenient, that was easy. The Lumineers date was switched to the day before the Mumford & Sons show. Now I found myself in a pickle. While my other suite mates were doing their homework for Monday, I was doing my homework for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I knew that with my hectic schedule, between going to class and writing for the newspaper that I wouldn’t have time to just take it easy.

I did what any hyper organized student would do. I made Post-It notes and calendar events of what assignments and projects I had coming. I even scheduled time to eat that weekend. Maybe I went a little overboard, but in the end I got all my work done.

My hint to you, if you ever find yourself in this same situation. First of all, calm down. The reward for your hard work will be well worth it. Seeing The Lumineers at the House of Blues was beyond wonderful, especially when they came out into the crowd to perform “Ho Hey” acoustically. The Mumford & Sons show was spectacular. I have never been that close to a stage of that scale before in my life. I could see Marcus Mumford’s sweat drip down onto his guitar.

Second of all, enjoy the ride, because for what it’s worth, working a little bit harder just proves to yourself what you are capable of doing.

Oh and last, don’t bring a camera to a concert, just live in the moment and breathe in the air, because it’s the same air as that brilliant band you have been waiting to see for months now.

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