Tonight You’re Mine

By Ashley Alongi

I have never been to a music festival. Blame it on the lack of space in New York City to have a proper camp out music free for all. But I would be lying if I wasn’t attracted to the idea. Listening to music in the open air, surrounded by friends and endless possibilities. I may be romanticizing it a bit, but films like Tonight You’re Mine have yet to prove me wrong.

Tonight You’re Mine stars Luke Treadaway as Adam, half of the world famous hipster electro-pop duo, The Wake, and Natalia Tena (of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fame) as Morello, brash singer of the less than famous all-girl punk band The Dirty Pinks.

In the muddy fields of Scotland’s T in the Park festival the two take an instant dislike to each other, getting into a brawl over a gutiar and a jacket. However their squabbles come to a halt when a mysterious man tricks them into a prayer circle, handcuffs the two together and disappears witht the key.

Tonight You’re Mine employs all the classic rom com tropes. Boy and girl meet. Boy and girl hate each other but are forced to be around each other. Boy and girl are also each with The Wrong One. Boy and girl realize they love each other, all in epic fashion.

If it wasn’t for the grand setting of the film, Tonight Your Mine would just fall flat and be easily swept under the rom com rug.  But the mammoth T in the Park festival, a character in its own right,  is so outlandish in itself you begin to believe a love story like this could happen, fireworks and all.

Shot over 5 days in the actual T in the Park festival Tonight You’re Mine has that rough around the edges feel of a documentary that successfully captures the sights, sounds and feelings of an all night party. With no coming back six months later to redo that shot you just didn’t get right, we are treated to romance as quick and spontaneous as the festival itself.  Insperesed with Adam and Morello’s burgening love we are treated to perfomances from real bands performing in the festival as well as songs written by Tena and Treadaway for their fictional bands that are just as enjoyable.

Tonight You’re Mine is definitly predictable and a bit thin, but there are many moments that make it worth watching – just try not to sing along during the impromtu deut of Tainted Love. And in a love story about musicans, I don’t think there is much more you can ask for.

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